Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Oh dear blog I have missed you soooo! I took a break from blogs during finals which I did very well yayy!! I also decided to break during vacation so I can actually have a chance to enjoy it. This past semester was tooooooooooo much. Anywho, I was only able to capture one mani I did, I even wore a mani over a week *GASP* I noe!! Sigh.

This was Cosmic by China Glaze with Bring on the Bling on the accent nail. I tend to use glitters in accent nails because they are a pain in the butt to get off smh.
So as you can tell from my title... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY, the big 2-1 lol! I did a small Zoya haul thanks to their Facebook promo to reach 20,000 followers by the New Year (they should have known that was gonna happen lol) My first Zoyas, I'm super excited for my package... Their promo is only good for 3 free name polishes but you still have to pay shipping which is fine wit me. I ended up ordering 5 (Crystal, Roxy, Tiffany, Gloria, and Ki) AHHHH THE EXCITEMENT!! I wish I had more pictures... well until next time :)

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