Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Green Lantern

The mani was inspired by the Green Lantern. I was in the middle of reading the comic series, Blackest Night and decided to do a mani. I'm feeling like I should do the other Color Corps, it would be a fun little series even though I'm in the middle of doing a series now... No, I can't tell you!! It's a "surprise", but if you Google around enough, you'd find it. *hehe*

I changed my mind after my left hand, that's why both hands are different. I was toooo lazy to start over. And I feel like my right came out better than my left.
I used Color Club Rebel Debutante, Sinful Colors Black on Black, and topped it with Sinful Colors Green Ocean (which I was lemming for at least a year, haven't used it since this mani shame).

Thanks for reading ^_^

Friday, September 21, 2012

Trying this again....

I honestly don't know how blogger stay motivated to blog... I have these spells of wanting to blog and then not wanting to.
Anywho, I was going through my nail design folder on my computer and realized that I can actually get this thing rolling somehow. I know there are hundreds of thousands of even millions of nail blogs out there. I'm not blogging because I want to be "discovered" or something, I'm blogging because I just want to share my nail enthusiasm with whoever will listen *ehmm* read it. *I'm pretty sure this is how MANY blogs start out*
So in no particular order lets start this blog over shall we :)

This was my first successful water mani and I LOVED it... Colors used were China Glaze Four Leaf Clover, Jessie's Girl JulieG, and a white, not sure which one though, it might have been Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Thanks for reading ^_^