Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Italian Haul

Last month I went to Italy for a Study Aboard program and came back with these pretties...

I got these at a flee market in Rome. The the three black caps have no names and the orange one had a Chanel symbol on the top but it is CLEARLY not Chanel... The purple one is a peely at least my roommate thinks so

 These two I got in a random store in Florence. The store sold hats and belts and random knick-knacks then my roommate pointed these out, and it made me smile 
These I got at a perfumery in Florence, including the Christian Dior (in Czarina or Tzarina Gold). The Collistars are Viola Glitter and Nero Lurex. The Chanel is Sahara Beige and the L'Oreal is 100.

Thanks for looking ^_^

Fade to Blogging

I just wasn't inspired to blog *BIG SIGH* and I didn't know why... I honestly don't know how bloggers do it!!
So here's to trying this again and getting into a regular swing of things, yes? *Cheers*

So let's start with my most recent nail designs
This is OPI Who the Shrek Are You? with an Italian Brand pink crackle and the sequins are from ChG Dollhouse

This was definitely my favorite mani I've done in a while.. This is Color Club Total Mystery with Nubar 2010, the accent nail is Avon Cotton Candy with Milani Disco Lights...


 Thank for looking ^_^