Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ramblings and NOTW (last week)

My schedule just keeps getting more crowded by the day.Tomorrow is definitely going to be probably the longest day of my life -_-
I know I haven't blogged in a bit but I've had no time to take pictures, I even had to resort back to taking pictures on my phone cause I am just too tired. This is my nail design from last week, very simple:

I used China Glaze Recycle for the base color, which I love, Sinful Colors Snow Me White and I can't recall the company but the pink color is called Burberry.

So I was browsing around different nail blogs and looking through my collection at the same time and realized I have quite a collection of Sinful Colors. I remembered that they were building a website so I hopped on my computer to check it out. Why are their prices higher on the website? I cherish the 1.99 experience that makes Sinful Colors a go-to polish for me (please believe EVERYTIME I leave a Walgreens, I leave with at LEAST one polish from them). Price on the website: 2.50. Now granted it only a 50 cent difference but then add that while shipping and handling (which there is a $10 min) thats a little over $3 a bottle. I won't be ordering off of there, as long as I can get it for 1.99 at my local Walgreens, I'm aight. Anddd I just found out my school's bookstore sells them (whatt?!?!?) I almost dies when I saw that x_x
Just sharing some info with yall!!
Till next time!! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

NOTW update

I did this manicure on Sunday... So I took a pic of my nails for the last post around midnight wednesday and this is what they looked like by 1:15pm that same day:


So my nail split of I had to end up cutting it in a weird manner to keep it from hurting... UGHHHHH this nail splits ALL THE TIME. Does anyone know how to keep that from happening? It's the only reason why I don't grow my nails out any longer than what it is now.

This is how they looked over the summer:
Thats the longest I grew them out ever.... not one split either. I cut them thought cause I was working with kids (kids+longs nails= tragedy)

Usually my manicures last a week, no problem.. I think its cause I used a top coat as a base coat this time because I ran out of base coat. (off to the drug store I go to get a base coat). Do yall know any good base coats? One that prevents splitting and peeling preferably... 

Til next time!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hola mis lectores!! Espero que sea hace bien...
Anywho, Im back with the NOTW which prolly won't last a whole week, its starting to look rough... then again maybe it will cause I gotta wash my hair and I don't want to ruin a new manicure. Please excuse the major tipwear, apparently Seche Vite shrinkage is serious if you put it on when the nail polish is already dry... my roommate used it while it was wet and hers looks fine so I'll try that next time.

The left hand with Color Club Revvvolution as the main color

The right hand with Color Club Wild at Hear as the main color. I'm not left handed so taking a picture of my right hand was difficult as you can see -_-

I wanted a simple manicure but I couldn't choose which color to wear so I decided to wear both lol... I really need to start taking pictures during the day but I'm using my roommates camera without her permission so there's only so much I can do. (I refuse to tell her I have a nail polish blog tho she knows I have an addiction to polish but I would hear it FOREVER)
Until next time!!